(Anti-)Racist Graffiti

1. At the beach at the end of 17th Ave, on the seawall. A rather strange graffiti stating only “Black Cock” with a Celtic Cross (a symbol appropriated by the Klan and Nazis) as the letter “o.” Tagged over in spraypaint, “Whitey’s Got Insecurities.”

2. “Jews Now Rule the World,” “Israil [sic] rules the U.S.” and other asinine Anti-Semitic scrawls on the town-bound bus stop benches at Water/Poplar and Soquel/7th, at the out-bound bus stop at Soquel/Hagemann, and on the bench outside Safeway on Morrisey.

At many locations, the graffiti has been scratched off, blacked out, or crossed out. The graffiti at Water/Poplar was crossed out and replaced with, “Nazis Fuck Off” and an X’ed-out swastika.


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