The only way our enemies could have stopped us is if they had smashed us in the streets from the very beginning. -Adolph Hitler

This website exists to help people in the Monterey Bay Area inform one another about fascist and racist activity, and encourage active resistance to white supremacy. Send us stories of interactions with fascists, information on who they are and where they hang out, photos of anti-fascist graffiti, tales of nazis getting confronted/beat down, etc. Contact us at antifascist831@riseup.net.

Aside from the obvious self-identified Nazis, we consider California nativists, anti-immigration groups such as the Minutemen, police departments, a lot of neighborhood watch-style groups, and most employers (AKA capitalists) to be white supremacists and fascists. As the United States’ economy continues to crumble (effects showing up on a local level, even as Wall Street turns a profit), fascists and crypto-fascists will scapegoat immigrants, people of color, queer people, and other marginalized groups. They will push for increased authority and power to attack marginalized groups, whether legally or through vigilantism.

The police and property owners are obviously defending their own position within capitalism when they enforce laws and economic/social repression against people of color. On the other hand, a lot of the white priders on the street are themselves poor and resentful of aspects of capitalism. By attacking other poor people and perpetuating racism in the working and unemployed class, however, they do the dirty work of the ruling class.

Fascism is on the rise in America, and fascists are consolidating power. Historically, “anti-fascism” has been used by Leftist politicians to build up their own power base; whenever this happens, there is a bad track record of actually combating fascism. We need to encourage widespread intolerance of racism and fascism, autonomous forms of organization, and active resistance.


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