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Summer 2011 in Santa Cruz County

Posted in Racist Activity on October 15, 2011 by antifascist831

May 25: After a year of violent graffiti, bullying, and teachers turning a blind eye, the Santa Cruz School District finally suspended a clique of White Pride skinheads at Soquel High School. The clique first started its campaign of intimidation by yelling racist slurs during Cinco de Mayo in 2009. They were suspended for all attending the school photo shoot wearing bandanas and white shirts.

July 29/30: About 50 vehicles on the west side of Santa Cruz were vandalized with swastikas and/or slashed tires, seemingly at random. The vandalism occurred on and around Almar Street, between the hours of 11pm and 1am.

August 26: A 50-year-old white man was beaten bloody by two women and five men at approximately 2:40 p.m. on a Friday at a shopping center on Bay Avenue in Capitola. The assailants yelled “White Power” as they beat the man.

The following descriptions were obtained for four of the five male suspects: the men have short hair, shaved close to their heads, and one had a dog wearing a “camo shirt.”

The first male suspect is described as approximately 20 years old, weighing 180 pounds, with tattoos on his right arm.

The second man is the same age and weight, with a “wrestler-type body” and a brown shirt with “Cage Fighter” printed on it.

The third male suspect is described as 20-22 years old, 180 pounds and wearing a green shirt.

The fourth is approximately 18-20 years old, weighing 160 pounds and wearing a brown shirt and jeans. The victim said the fourth suspect had longer hair than the others, though it was still short. He was also described as being “very tan,” Thompson said.

No information is available at this time on the fifth man or the two women, even though the two women were arrested by Capitola police. The media evidently did not care to publish those two women’s names and mugshots, even though they routinely do this to other arrestees.


San Francisco: 2 racists convicted of assault but acquitted of hate crime charges

Posted in Racist Activity on October 15, 2011 by antifascist831

Not 831, but seeing this made me want to start up the blog again.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Two men have been convicted of assault in an attack on two Hispanic men in San Francisco. A jury found 39-year-old Robert Allen and 29-year-old Justin Meskan guilty of felony assault with intent to cause great bodily injury and battery.

The men were also charged with hate crimes in the attack on 21-year-old Alex Cauich and his cousin, Jose Omar Cauich, but jurors did not convict them on those counts. The jury reached its decision on Oct. 7.

Alex and Jose Cauich were assaulted outside a bar in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood on Nov. 9. Witnesses reported hearing the assailants yelling “white power” during the attack.

A third defendant, 33-year-old Anthony Weston, pleaded guilty to assault and the hate crime allegation before the trial began.

Old News/Local Context: Nazi Firebombings in Monterey

Posted in Old News, Racist Activity on June 26, 2010 by antifascist831

Nathan Augustine, 35, walked into the Creative Visions tattoo parlor in Monterey in July of 2009 and asked for tattoos of a swastika and crosshairs over Obama’s face. The tattoo parlor refused, so on July 13 he threw a Molotov cocktail at them. Apparently he also arsoned the Lattitudes restaurant in Pacific Grove on July 15 after he was turned down on a job application.

At the tattoo parlor, police found Russian Standard vodka bottles converted into Molotov cocktails bearing a swastika and a symbol similar to the British Union Jack with added diagonal lines through it in red ink handwriting.

Between January and April 2009, a number of swastikas were painted around the city (along with the phrases “kill Obama” and “death to Obama”). Augustine was arrested in connection with the graffiti, and his house was searched. The police found numerous containers of lighter fluid, gloves similar to those found at one of the restaurant arson and the symbol similar to the Union Jack with the added diagonal lines.

A few editorial comments: We don’t care about Obama, but obviously this guy’s a fucking Nazi. This story definitely goes to show that local Nazis are certainly capable of attacking people they don’t like. We don’t know if the restaurant turned him down on his job application because they knew he was a Nazi, or just because they’re capitalists who can afford to pick and choose whose labor to exploit, so no comment on that for now. Finally, we don’t think that sending him to prison, where he’ll probably just join the Aryan Brotherhood, is that useful of a solution.