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Anti-ICE “Noise Demo” At SC County Jail

Posted in Resistance, The Government on August 9, 2010 by antifascist831

A group of people staged a “noise demonstration” at the Santa Cruz County Jail on Friday August 6. The demonstration was in opposition to the jail’s collaboration with ICE under the “Secure Communities” program. The demonstrators chanted, banged on drums, and blared hip-hop from a portable sound system in order to reach the prisoners inside. A reportback by participants can be found on Santa Cruz Indymedia.


What Is the “Secure Communities” Program?

Posted in The Government on August 9, 2010 by antifascist831

The Santa Cruz County Jail is implementing the “Secure Communities” program on August 10. If you are booked into jail, your fingerprints are taken and forwarded to ICE. The fingerprints are crosschecked with immigration and FBI databases. ICE evaluates each fingerprint scan to see what enforcement action, if any, will be taken against you. Enforcement actions can include arrest by ICE, transfer to ICE custody and/or initiation of removal proceedings (AKA deportation).

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