Support Dee and Kelsey!: Comrades in San Francisco who were arrested and charged with after the oxymoronic “bay area national anarchists” were beat down at a May Day march. Not sure what the current status of the case is, but the incident was inspiring and those who went to court for the action deserve to be honored.

Anti-Racist Action: an international network of militant anti-racists and anti-fascists. While their website says chapters exist “in five countries and three continents,” ARA seems to be strongest in Canada and the United States.

Rose City Antifa: The Portland, Oregon chapter of ARA. The incarnation of Portland ARA that maintains this website was started in 2007, but Portland has a decades long history of militant and confrontational anti-fascist organization. Highly inspirational.

Copwatch (Wikipedia): A tactic inspired by the Black Panthers. These days pig-watchers mostly choose to carry cameras rather than weapons. Also usually framed in terms of the legal system (“rights” and police “abuse”) rather than class conflict and social war (with some exceptions, such as the Black Rider Liberation Party‘s “Watch-a-Pig” program and both the main and guerrilla chapters of Copwatch Los Angeles).

Oakland Copwatch: Their goals include “encourag[ing] people to solve problems WITHOUT police intervention” and “eliminat[ing] police violence by directly observing the police on the street.”

Uncover the Truth: Information about police-I.C.E. collaboration, such as the Secure Communities program.


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