Old News/Local Context: Nazi Firebombings in Monterey

Posted in Old News, Racist Activity on June 26, 2010 by antifascist831

Nathan Augustine, 35, walked into the Creative Visions tattoo parlor in Monterey in July of 2009 and asked for tattoos of a swastika and crosshairs over Obama’s face. The tattoo parlor refused, so on July 13 he threw a Molotov cocktail at them. Apparently he also arsoned the Lattitudes restaurant in Pacific Grove on July 15 after he was turned down on a job application.

At the tattoo parlor, police found Russian Standard vodka bottles converted into Molotov cocktails bearing a swastika and a symbol similar to the British Union Jack with added diagonal lines through it in red ink handwriting.

Between January and April 2009, a number of swastikas were painted around the city (along with the phrases “kill Obama” and “death to Obama”). Augustine was arrested in connection with the graffiti, and his house was searched. The police found numerous containers of lighter fluid, gloves similar to those found at one of the restaurant arson and the symbol similar to the Union Jack with the added diagonal lines.

A few editorial comments: We don’t care about Obama, but obviously this guy’s a fucking Nazi. This story definitely goes to show that local Nazis are certainly capable of attacking people they don’t like. We don’t know if the restaurant turned him down on his job application because they knew he was a Nazi, or just because they’re capitalists who can afford to pick and choose whose labor to exploit, so no comment on that for now. Finally, we don’t think that sending him to prison, where he’ll probably just join the Aryan Brotherhood, is that useful of a solution.